Servicios a Redes Digitales, S.A. de C.V. provides solutions to comercial and residential low voltage system networks to include voice, data, audio, video, security, and automation utilizing both copper and fiber optics.

Servicios a Redes Digitales, S.A. de C.V. (SRD) was formed in 2001, with a market focus directed toward the hospitality industry and planned residential communities.

SRD offers turn key project solutions from design development through final installation: The result, a completely documented project with “as built” plans, and continued maintenance.

Present and future technology development allows for increased convergence of all low voltage systems which has allowed for reduced cost for infrastructure, implementation, and equipment. Providing improved system integration

Along with reduced dependence upon dedicated propietary systems, and corresponding limitations in compatibility.

SRD also provides “Electronics Architecture” with design and implementation services for residential villas and homes. The design phase includes coordination with owners, architects and interior designers/decorators, in order to match required equipment performance specifications with the visual and spacial requirements. To include telephone, internet data, CCTV monitoring, intrusion, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, distributed audio and video control, HVAC and complete lighting control both interior and exterior.

SRD is also a proud member of CEDIA / Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

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